Blockchain based 5G Network Deployment and Optimization

Dear students,

Digimetrik founder Asst. Prof. Dr. Volkan Sevindik will be the guest of the Current Research / Project Topics Graduate Course on Tuesday, 23.03.2021 at 19.30. We welcome our students and anyone who wants to participate in the open lecture on 'Blockchain based 5G Network Deployment and Optimization'.

Dr. Volkan Sevindik is founder of Digimetrik, a USA based technology company, which provides technical consulting and R&D services to Tier-1 wireless service providers, cable operators, technology startups. Since starting his career in 2003, he has held management, consultant and engineering positions in Charter/Spectrum Communications/Time Warner, Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Sprint, Vodafone, Turkcell and in start-up companies Airvana Inc, Azimuth Systems. As an innovative leader of a broad range of technical teams, Dr. Sevindik has been granted more than 65 USA patents for his inventions in the areas of autonomous vehicles, wireless technology, wireless security, 4G/5G standards and mobile devices.

He is the author of several journal papers, books, and conference articles on fast evolving wireless technologies. Dr. Sevindik is actively involved in industry forums, associations and conferences worldwide. He has received his PhD Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts. Please visit for more information about his past and current projects.

Click here to participate in the event.

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